Hands-free language learning

MobiLingua's voice recognition and speech synthesis allows you to explore all the world's most popular languages without contact with the smartphone. MobiLingua will allow you to learn a foreign language whatever you are doing: driving a car, on a morning jog/walk or at home.

Prepared training materials

Professionally prepared multilevel dictionaries give students the opportunity to use MobiLingua at any level, including preparation for international exams, such as IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge.

Effective method of expanding vocabulary

MobiLingua's unique algorithms allow you to effectively and proactively increase your vocabulary.

Testing the level of training

Testing your level of vocabulary allows you to determine your initial level and track your progress which helps you coordinate the study program.

Multiple platform support and synchronization

The mobile application and website will allow you to continue your training uninterrupted, moving from one device to another. The progress data can be stored on the server and automatically synchronized between your tablet, smartphone and PC.

Custom dictionaries creation

Create your own learner dictionaries in any language, once again taking advantage of voice recognition and speech synthesis. An Internet browser plug-in, alongside integration with Abbyy Lingvo, enables you to easily add words to a learner dictionary.

Built-in translation

Word lookup allows you to translate words from many languages and with a single click add them to the studied words and phrases of your learner dictionary.

Planning of training

A built-in scheduler helps you to set the intensity of training and reminds you to promptly start training.

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